E-Champs and E-Radars Welcoming Ceremony

Congratulations to Mangum Elementary E-Champs and E-Radars who celebrated at their welcoming ceremony on June 1st.  Each participating student received an E-Colors bracelet and certificate and participated in several activities.  They all did great job at the event and ready to start their leadership roles in E-Club next year.

E-Colors is a cornerstone program within Southwest Schools which helps students identify different personality styles – enabling them to better understand themselves and those around them.  The E-Colors program creates interpersonal moments of awareness that foster growth, communication skills, and socio-emotional and academic success.  This method is simple and effective, as it benefits in identifying various personality styles, allowing others to have a greater understanding of not only themselves, but those around them.

E-Champs are students who offer peer mentorship in regards to the development and furthering of the E-Colors program, including Personal Intervention. These special E-Champs are a select group of students who show leadership potential and the desire for awareness of self and others.

E-Radars are students on the radar to becoming E-Champs. They possess the desire for understanding, and are still gaining knowledge and experience with E-Colors and Personal Intervention.  These students attend E-Champ meetings and activities to gain experience.

Visit https://www.swschools.org/programs/e-colors for more information on the E-Colors program at Southwest Schools.